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Artist: Time Lord and the TARDIS


Happy B-day, Misha!
From Russia with love! <3

idea - Varvara Sidorova (  )
lyrics – Nadya Solopova ( ), Darina Dean ( )
singer – Time Lord and the TARDIS ( )

Overlord, pick up the phone.
For God’s sake, I’m waiting for it!
Begging you, answer my call.
I’m your minion, please, don’t omit

I just want to have a talk,
Though I don’t know English language
But I will not stop to call you
I will not leave you alone, no!

I’m your minion, Overlord!
Beg you, please, pick up the phone.

No reply, I’m in despair!
Overlord, I’ll send you message.
Google will heip me to translate
And i won’t give up the texting

I will text you up to day
Till I get desired answer
I will call you after texting
And then text you after calling

Hope you will respond at last…
Please just send a little text!

I have a debt on phone balance
So I’m gonna sell my kidney
Maybe I have lost my mind
I’ve got fever, and I prithee:

I will get you. You should know:
We are crazy Russian minions
We’re stubborn like the demons
We’re stubborn like the demons

I will wait for you response…
Pray for you, pick up the phone.

my-burger-for-an-angel: Your edits are just astonishing. marvelous. the caps are always perfect and the lights and colors... wow. you create an all new universe, every edit teIl us a full story. 'can't stop reblog you. Thank you. ♥

Aww, thank you ever so much